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Not Forgotten: Kendrick's Story

It's easy to feel lost and forgotten in prison, but JUMPSTART gives us hope for a better future. When I first heard about the program, I had already rededicated my life to Christ, and I knew in my heart that JUMPSTART was the right path for me.

The program has been a lifeline for me and has provided a non-judgmental space where I can form meaningful relationships. One of my most cherished memories is when volunteers came in and prayed for those of us in the room. They didn't know us personally, but they showed us the love and support that we desperately needed.

As I continue my journey in the transitional program, my goal is to continue to grow into who God created me to be and help others along the way. Once I graduate, I hope to become a first-time homeowner and share my story with others. I look forward to volunteering with the Inside Program and showing others that change is possible. JUMPSTART has given me a sense of redemption, a new beginning, and a different outlook on life. It has taught me to be more disciplined and change my way of thinking.

One of the things that keeps me motivated to stay involved with JUMPSTART is my father. My mother passed away while I was in prison, and it was devastating to not be there for her. My dad has been my rock, and he is so proud of the progress I have made in the program. I want to continue to show him that I have changed for the better and that I'm capable of doing great things.

It's easy to write off those who are incarcerated, but the truth is that with Christ, anyone's future can be greater than their past.

JUMPSTART has given us a chance to change our lives and become productive members of society. We need more programs like this that offer hope and compassion to those most need it.

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