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“I found God and myself through JUMPSTART!

I was so lost and broken when I first started attending but, as long as I just showed up, I had an amazing group of people to talk with about God and the many problems I faced (and still face today). They helped me discover

who I am, my self-worth, and my purpose in life.”

Amber, Inside Program Participant

The bible teaches “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Please pray for the many men and women we serve in prisons every day and the JUMPSTART teams serving them.


Will you join us in praying with everyone involved in JUMPSTART that ALL our lives are positively transformed by the experience?

Two Ways to Get Involved:

Inside Volunteers: Be a part of a team that enters the prison during the 40-week programming to share, encourage, and inspire the participants. Each group is peer-led by inside JUMPSTART graduates and supported by you. Throughout the programming, you will rotate among groups to meet all the participants, and help our leaders make each session better than the last one.


Outside Volunteers: Some choose to become a personal mentor for a JUMPSTART graduate released from prison to help them reintegrate into society. Others use their gifts and experience in a variety of ways to help with our Dignity Duffel program, fundraising, prayer teams-we welcome any support to help us achieve our mission.


Volunteers are essential to the success of our program both inside and outside the prison walls. Our goal is to put each of our volunteers in a role best suited to their personal strengths and God-given gifts.


You will be amazed by how much our JUMPSTART participants value your time and participation as well as the blessings you will receive from the fellowship.

Be a Difference Maker

Get Involved - Ohio

Give Now

By supporting JUMPSTART OHIO, you are restoring lives. Your generosity helps those we serve have a future greater than their past! As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, donations to JUMPSTART OHIO are tax-deductible.


Prefer to send a check? Please send it to the following address:

2850 Henkle Drive

Lebanon, OH 45036

$125 supports one student for our 40-week programming inside prisons.


In Ohio’s correctional system, it costs $15,229.20 to house a first-time offender during the same 40 weeks.


Your donation will help return a contributing citizen to society who will not return to prison!

Every year in OHIO,

more than 22,000

people are released

from prison.

More than 6,000 men and women have participated in JUMPSTART since its

inception in 2008.

More than 4,500

graduates have been

released with over 96%

staying out of prison.

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