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The Program - Ohio

The JUMPSTART Experience

In cooperation with donors, churches, reentry partners, and community volunteers, JUMPSTART is transforming currently incarcerated participants and assisting formerly incarcerated graduates with a successful return to society. We accomplish our mission through individual, business, and church partnerships to address our participant’s spiritual, educational, employment, healthcare, housing, and family relationship needs.

Building on a successful model created in South Carolina’s correctional system, JUMPSTART OHIO launched in 2022. We are strategically establishing relationships across the state of Ohio. If you would like to get involved, please contact our Executive Director, Brian Moll.

Participants discover a greater purpose for their lives, one defined by their faith and character, not their mistakes.

Our Inside Program Features:

  • A 40-week intensive self-discovery process led by inside peer leaders & volunteers.

  • Unique, peer-to-peer assessments that ensure accountability to drive personal growth.

  • Curriculum focused on life transformation featuring character development, purposeful living, trusting God, and serving others to create a pathway to successful reentry.

  • Learning to live daily values of accountability, responsibility, and submitting to authority.

Where We Are Today:

  • Currently operating in Dayton Correctional Institution (DCI) with a vison to serve every state prison in Ohio.

  • Over eighty women have graduated in DCI. We are currently working with several graduates who have been released in Hamilton County.

  • Our third DCI class begins February 2024 with sixty-five participants. We have a waiting list of over one hundred inmates for the next session!

  • We are working with prison leadership in the Warren Correctional Institution to begin training inside leaders for a new men’s program in Lebanon, OH in May 2024.

  • Our program model began in South Carolina in 2008 - Over 1,000 participants enter their program annually, and 40% successfully complete the 40-week program. Of those who graduate, 96% of them do not return to prison.

“JUMPSTART has strengthened my core values and beliefs, my character, and my relationship with God.”

Maxine, Inside Program Participant

Inside Program

Outside Programming

The Outside Program provides a safe and stable environment for people in transition after incarceration. We are modeling what has proven successful in South Carolina. If you are a donor, social service agency, church or individual who would like to help us build outstanding re-entry services, please contact Brian Moll.

Working with our reentry partners outside program features include:

  • Low-cost, safe, and stable housing.

  • Individual personal development opportunities.

  • Access to physical and mental healthcare.

  • Introductions to fair chance employers.

  • Permanent and meaningful employment at a living wage.

  • Transportation to service providers, employment, and shopping.

  • Financial stability training.

  • If needed, access to recovery and mental health counseling.

  • Individual mentoring by volunteers.

  • Healthy recreational activities with other graduates.

  • Spiritual growth opportunities include introductions to supportive churches.


“And I also spent 40 weeks in the faith-based reentry program that focuses on building character called JUMPSTART. This program was honestly heaven sent. I was at a loss for what all I needed to work on within myself and how to apply God's word in my everyday life, and JUMPSTART

taught me just how to do that.”

Presentation excerpt shared by Saralin, a recently released JUMPSTART OHIO graduate.

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