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    JUMPSTART North Carolina was formed to continue and expand on JUMPSTART’S mission to reduce recidivism. JUMPSTART assists offenders (through an inside program) and ex-offenders (through an outside program) in their successful transition to become productive and contributing members of society.
  • Who can I contact in NC?
    If you have questions, want to help, or want to support JUMPSTART NC please contact: Ed Troha JUMPSTART NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Executive Director 984-220-0486 Mobile
  • Has JUMPSTART North Carolina started operating inside of any prisons in North Carolina?
    Yes. In May 2022 we began serving by delivering the 40-week inside program at Davidson Correctional in Lexington, NC. We have since expanded to Columbus Correctional in Whiteville, NC.
  • What is your Vision, Mission, Belief, Core Values, and Keys to Success?
    JUMPSTART has a 96% success rate, and here’s why: VISION We imagine a day when the back of recidivism is broken in our state, our nation, and beyond. MISSION In partnership with donors, churches and community partners, we are discipling the incarcerated and assisting returning citizens with re-entry services. BELIEF God’s future is greater than our past. CORE VALUES Accountability | Responsibility | Authority OUR GOAL 100% Success for Those Who Choose to be Successful KEYS TO SUCCESS Daily Surrender to Christ | Finding and Keep a Job | Setting and Keeping a Budget | Developing a Solid Support Team | Having Fun God’s Way
  • Want to be inspired? Check out the stories of lives changed in this PDF:
    Comeback Stories: A Prisoner No More
  • Is JUMPSTART North Carolina affiliated with JUMPSTART, USA?
    Absolutely. JUMPSTART North Carolina, EIN 88-2531638, located at 5513 Netherby Court, Raleigh, NC 27613, has been formed to continue and expand on JUMPSTART’s mission to reduce recidivism and assist ex-offenders in their successful transition to become productive and contributing members of society. Thereby, JUMPSTART North Carolina is operating under the same guidelines for which JUMPSTART originally received exemption and has provided written authorization to add its name to the JUMPSTART roster as a subordinate to be included in its group exemption beginning in calendar year 2021. JUMPSTART North Carolina is not a private foundation as defined as Section 509(a) of the code.
  • Is JUMPSTART faith-based?
  • Will JUMPSTART North Carolina deliver outside services similar to what I see already exists in South Carolina?
    JUMPSTART started in South Carolina in 2008 and operates in 19 of 22 prisons. They provide incredible services such as transitional housing; transportation to work; employment services; case management and more. Read about it at Naturally, this will take time to develop in North Carolina. A Leadership Council will prayerfully pursue ways to organize and fund an effective outside program.
  • How many state-run prisons are there in North Carolina?
  • Is the ministry run by volunteers or staff?
    We have 1 part-time staff member that trains and assists volunteers in carrying out the mission for JUMPSTART NC.
  • What is JUMPSTART?
    JUMPSTART is a South Carolina based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to restoring the lives of inmates on the inside and outside of prison. We accomplish our mission by addressing the spiritual, educational, employment, healthcare, housing, and family relationship needs of current and former prisoners and assisting with their re-entry into society.
  • How and when did JUMPSTART get started?
    In 2008, a small group of volunteers, with the support of the Tyger River Correctional Institution’s chaplain, began ministering to the inmates at Tyger River. This group consisted mostly of retired men and women who went into the prison during the normal work-day. Two of our founding members worked night-time vocational jobs (one in janitorial office work and the other in pizza delivery) to support themselves and their families so they could answer God’s calling on their lives– Prison Ministry. These men along with their wives met together to talk through their “calling”, the challenges/struggles which were primarily financial. They discussed how the three of them might partner in the mission of “setting the captives free,” and the vision of JUMPSTART was born.
  • How does the JUMPSTART Inside Ministry work?
    Inmates can apply to participate two years before their release. The Jump Start program begins with a 40-week intensive discipleship process that includes a class curriculum focused on transforming lives through worship, fellowship, discipleship, mentoring, serving others, living with a purpose and re-entry education. It uses unique, peer-to-peer assessments that ensures accountability and drives growth. The program stresses a daily living out of our core values of accountability, responsibility, and submission to authority.
  • How many inmates are we serving in SC and where are the prisons located?
    1,000 inmates participate annually in 17 South Carolina prisons, including both institutions that only house females. Over 500 complete our discipleship program each year.
  • How does the Outside Ministry Work?
    Upon completion of the 40-week inside program and release from prison, the 12-month outside program provides participants a Christ-centered program with low-cost, safe and stable housing, access to free physical, mental, dental healthcare, as well as a recovery program for chemical dependency. We provide individual case management with mentoring and financial stability training. JUMPSTART helps participants secure permanent and meaningful employment at a living wage, and assists participants with transportation to service providers, employment, and shopping. JUMPSTART has fifty participants on the outside at any given time. We are currently at capacity.
  • What makes JUMPSTART successful?
    The JUMPSTART program has a 96% success rate for participants that complete both the Inside and Outside program and graduate. Successful participants are gainfully employed in positions that pay a living wage and have growth potential. They live in stable housing, are a member of a church, and utilize sound financial principles to live within their means and meet their obligations. They have a healthy support network, and often become leaders within their communities. Most of all, they live surrendered lives to Jesus Christ and live out God’s purpose for their lives.
  • Is the ministry run by volunteers or staff?
    We have a strong staff that coordinates, trains and assists over 100 volunteers in carrying out the mission of JUMPSTART.
  • What is the future vision?
    Our focus will be to put in place the necessary infrastructure and staff for JUMPSTART’s long term organizational growth and sustainability. Our plan includes “Restoration Village Upstate” (a JUMPSTART Community), a community unlike any other. The village will provide transitional housing for those re-entering society from prison in a community setting that prepares them to be productive citizens. Included will be short and long-term housing along with support staff buildings and village facilities. We covet your prayers and support for Jump Start and its mission to continue to deliver and improve the nation’s best “prison to re-entry into society” program for generations to come.
  • How can I help?
    The three T’s sum up how you can help JUMPSTART: Time: Mentors are vital to successful re-entry into society. Godly men and women can make a big difference in an ex-offender’s life. You can sign up as a volunteer. Talent: What is your area of influence? What do you do well? Where is your heart? What skills or gifts can you offer? Treasure: There are several financial giving options.
  • Where does funding come from?
    Individuals, Churches, Businesses, Grants, Board Members, Volunteers, etc.

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