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A Servant’s Heart – Tom’s Story

Updated: Feb 13

After years of substance abuse, Tom is now 27 years clean of his drug addiction. He celebrates this accomplishment by utilizing his time to serve others and share the love of Christ. An embodiment of Mark 10:45, Tom’s desire to serve gives him a purpose far beyond his floundering efforts prior to his incarceration.

Tom’s first introduction to JUMPSTART promised him the organization would help him in any way possible. Upon hearing this, Tom’s initial plan of returning home to take care of his mother was redirected. If the 40-week inside program could really help him turn his life around, Tom was ready to take the risk and begin his journey of transformation. When Tom told his mother about his new plan, she agreed that he do whatever it took to get himself back on his feet before returning home.

Tom persisted in completing the inside program and enjoyed it so much that he served as a table leader for two years following his graduation. Though rewarding, Tom also found this role to be the most challenging part of his journey with JUMPSTART. He cared about his peers and wanted them to get the most out of their participation in the program. By holding those in his group accountable, he aimed to ensure the hard work they demonstrated did not go to waste. His dedication to those he served was affirmed when the mother of a man Tom discipled personally thanked him for helping her son stay out of trouble and grow closer to God. Moments like this attest to Tom’s purpose and fuel his desire for serving others.

In June of this year, Tom completed his sentence and joined JUMPSTART’s transitional program. With his second chance, he has set three distinctive goals for himself. One, and namely the most important, is to serve Jesus Christ in everything he does. Goals two and three focus on his passion to take care of his mom and the older generation of individuals who need assistance. The true definition of a servant’s heart, Tom emphasizes that he works for no man, but Christ alone. For those like Tom who are considering JUMPSTART, he says, “you do not know what you’re missing out on.”

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