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Programs Don't Spark Change. People Do.

Updated: Feb 12

Programs don’t spark change.

People do.

There’s a famous program that talks a lot about their efforts in reducing recidivism.

We are not going to call them out by name, because that’s not what we’re about.

But … trust us.

You’ve heard of them.

They do not have as much good will as they claim.

In reality, all they do is toss former inmates in an 8-week program.

A program that’s funded nicely by government grants.

They get inexpensive labor and call it job training.

There are no relationships.

There are no real connections.

There is no pathway towards real opportunity.

And, as a result, the program this company runs isn’t very effective.

That’s what sets JUMPSTART SC apart.

We are committed to investing in people.

We are committed to linking arms for the long haul.

We are committed to relationships.

Instead of handing someone a bus ticket and helping them write a resume …

We go to hiring managers directly and fight for our program participants.

Instead of helping them find rental ads online …

We are building a community for them to live in.

Instead of 8-week courses on how to avoid going back to jail …

We invest years in our participants, giving them the tools and guiding them in their faith, helping them transform from the inside, out.

JUMPSTART isn’t about a program.

It’s about people who can have a bright future when others invest.

Which is why South Carolina has the lowest recidivism rate in the nation.

JUMPSTART SC is in 19 of South Carolina’s 21 prisons.

And we’re just getting started.

Join us.

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