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Driving Change: The Story of Dan, the Difference-Maker

Updated: Apr 10

Do you want to be known as a difference-maker?

Be like Dan.

Dan is someone everyone would love to have as a friend


Dan's title doesn't include "executive".

His role doesn't command a large salary.

He's never going to be on Forbes' cover.

But you'd still like to have him on your team or as your friend.

Dan is a difference-maker on JUMPSTART SC's staff team.

Dan coordinates housing and transportation for those transitioning back into the community from incarceration.

His tasks aren't rocket science.

Fueling Up.

Planning routes.

Vehicle inspections.

Preventative maintenance.

Nothing glamorous or complicated.

But vitally important.

Dan is a difference-make on our team.

He's more than a driver.

While driving he's dishing out doses of encouragement.

He's a friend to the weary worker who's had a challenging day.

He's a comforter to the one heading to the doctor scared of the waiting test results.

He's a coach to the ones having trouble sticking to their goals.

He's a listening ear and when invited to share, he's full of wisdom.

Yes, he's significantly more than a transportation coordinator.

He's a difference-maker.

He doesn’t see those he serves as ex-cons.

He sees them for who they are becoming.

He sees sons and daughters.

He sees their dignity.

He sees their worth.

As an alum of JUMPSTART SC, he's living proof that those who've been incarcerated can have a future greater than their past in Christ, and be a difference-maker in the lives of others.

Want to be a difference maker in the lives of the incarcerated and those coming out of incarceration?

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