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Breaking Cycles By Providing Tangible Hope

Upon their release on March 1, 2024 these two men would have been left at this bus station in Florence without anywhere to go and only the clothes on their back...

Take a deep breath and think about that.

No job.

No food.

No money.

No transportation.

Now you may be thinking – don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time…

Yes, people need to experience justice when they’ve committed crimes. (You can learn more about justice and mercy working together in this blog post.)

I agree.

But they also need to experience mercy if they are going to get their lives back on track.

This picture displays the heart of those who partner with us.

We show up on the scene.

Not to be the heroes who rescue.

Not with a handout

But with a hand up.

With opportunity

With encouragement

With accountability

With a plan and support so they can navigate out of desperate situations.

We’ve picked up a lot of people at the bus station who would’ve been homeless after incarceration.

Now they are reunited with family, employed, active in good works, and homeowners.

After nine years in this line of work, I’ve realized that those served are able to move towards a life they never dreamed possible.

And those doing the serving and giving experience joy and fulfillment in a way they never have before.

We aren't just meeting needs, we are solving a problem. Join us.

Learn more and consider giving to support these kind of transformational opportunities.

Cary Sanders


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