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JUMPSTART USA was formed in 2016 to provide the guidance and know-how needed to start, support and strengthen state chapters across the United States. God has given us a desire to touch more lives by faithfully sharing the JUMPSTART model launched in South Carolina in 2008 and which operates successfully today.

The Back Story

What is now known as JUMPSTART began in the mid-1990s as an idea among a group of believers who met Christ while serving life sentences. They were heartbroken to see so many people released, only to be returned to prison a short time later. Many of those released were simply unprepared for the challenges they faced upon their return to the community. This group of believers was convinced that before being released, people needed to be prepared by securing a stable place to live and work, arranging transportation, attaining life skills training, and embracing accountability. As a result, JUMPSTART was founded to help others and to break the cycle of recidivism.

Over the years, the organization has experienced tremendous growth as lives have been restored from the inside out. God has orchestrated thousands of people and over a hundred churches and organizations to develop JUMPSTART into a healthy and thriving organization. Growth and opportunities continue today because God is at work restoring broken lives as many discover Christ and realize their future can be greater than their past.



Today, leadership teams and dedicated staff members work tirelessly in each state chapter to bring hope to those in prison who have often given up. Volunteers serve the needs of those in prisons throughout our state chapters. The responses we see every week inspire us to do more. And that’s exactly what we are doing. The JUMPSTART story continues to deepen and the lives we are reaching are being transformed by God’s grace.


Daniel T. Sulton

Board Chairman

Bob Caldwell, Sr.

Board Vice-Chair & Secretary

Tommy Moore


Chris Phillips

Board Member

Board of Directors

Mitch Haubert


Michael L. Smith


Ed Troha

North Carolina

Brian Moll


Cary Sanders

South Carolina

​State Chapter Leadership

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