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  • God’s Perfect Plan: William’s Story

    William Scarpitti has been a part of JUMPSTART for nearly ten years. He was a clerk in the Chaplain’s office and served as a table leader following his completion of the inside program. When William was released in December after almost seventeen years spent behind bars, he thought his next move would be to live in a local pastor’s home. However, God had greater plans in mind for William. Once William arrived at the home for the JUMPSTART Outside Program, he knew without a doubt that he was where he was supposed to be. When he looked around, he realized he knew every single person that was there with him. To him, “JUMPSTART is family; it is a community. It is accountability and responsibility. I wish everyone in the same situation I was in knew this and could experience the love that JUMPSTART and Christ have to offer.” William was present one Sunday morning when Cary Sanders, CEO of JUMPSTART SC, delivered a message to the congregation of Second Presbyterian Church. William felt the importance of what Sanders communicated truly emphasized how valuable community engagement is in the lives of returning citizens. Sanders said, “People are going to get out of prison, and they will be on the same streets and in the same stores and restaurants as those in the community. If there is a community in place to welcome those re-entering society, not only will the community be a better place, but the revolving door of a life of crime and days in a cell can come to an end.” William believes that the heart of JUMPSTART revolves around the mission-oriented volunteers, staff members, and community who step in and invest in the lives of JUMPSTART participants. William’s goals center around getting stabilized as an individual and reinitiating a relationship with his daughter, whom he has not seen since she was three years old. His motivation to finish JUMPSTART’s program is not only driven by these goals, but from his previous, independent efforts that did not work. He understands the power of community and accountability in accomplishing what God has in store for him. William hopes to remain involved with JUMPSTART through JUMPSTART’s landscaping enterprise and continue to give back to the organization and people that have so greatly impacted his life. As William puts it himself: “Everyone is in my corner. They have all played a role in supporting me and my decision to continue with JUMPSTART. Looking back, I can see where God has been laying bricks all along the way. Back then, I had no idea what I was doing as I walked His path, but now, I can see the perfect road ahead.”

  • Staff Chronicles Series: Toby Fleming

    Toby Fleming is the Director of Pastoral Care here at JUMPSTART SC. Take a look into Toby’s role and how he is making a positive impact on participants through shepherding, leadership, and connection.

  • A Servant’s Heart – Tom’s Story

    After years of substance abuse, Tom is now celebrating 27 years free from drug addiction. He commemorates this achievement by dedicating his time to serving others and sharing the love of Christ. Embodying Mark 10:45, Tom’s desire to serve provides him with a purpose that far surpasses his previous struggles before his incarceration. Tom first joined JUMPSTART knowing he needed comprehensive support and continuous encouragement to prevent a relapse into addiction upon his release. Initially, Tom planned to return home to care for his mother after completing JUMPSTART’s inside program. However, he realized that he needed to stay away from his hometown for a few years post-release to learn how to live as a Christian after incarceration. When Tom shared his new plan with his mother, she agreed that he should do whatever necessary to regain his footing before returning home. Tom not only completed the inside program but also enjoyed it so much that he served as a table leader for two years following his graduation. Although rewarding, Tom found this role to be the most challenging part of his journey with JUMPSTART. He cared deeply for his peers and wanted them to fully benefit from their participation in the program. By holding his group members accountable, he aimed to ensure their hard work did not go unnoticed. His dedication was affirmed when the mother of a man Tom mentored personally thanked him for helping her son stay out of trouble and grow closer to God. Moments like these validate Tom’s purpose and fuel his passion for serving others. In June of 2023, Tom completed his sentence and joined JUMPSTART’s transitional program. With this second chance, he set three distinct goals for himself. The most important one is to serve Jesus Christ in everything he does. His second and third goals focus on his passion for caring for his family and assisting the elderly. Tom often mowed lawns for others, and with the money he earned, he would buy fresh fruit and deliver it to a nearby nursing home. Despite having little to his name, he was eager to serve others and help them see God’s love. Tom graduated from JUMPSTART’s transitional program in May 2024 and is returning to Detroit, Michigan, to be closer to his family. Before Tom’s mother passed away several months ago, he had the chance to visit her. She told him she could see he was a changed man and expressed her pride in him. This visit reassured him that he was ready to graduate from the transitional program and return home to support his elderly family members who need him. We have no doubt that Tom will continue to serve others well as he takes the next step in his journey."

  • From Star Athlete to Dedicated Public Servant: The Inspiring Journey of Aubray Bailey

    As the associate warden at Ridgeland Correctional, a medium-security prison in South Carolina, Bailey has dedicated his life to helping the incarcerated turn their lives around. This year, he celebrates an impressive 40 years as a criminal justice professional, and his journey is nothing short of remarkable. From star athlete to dedicated public servant, Bailey's story is one of perseverance and determination. In 10th grade, he began excelling in both sports and education, eventually earning a full scholarship to play running back at Alcorn State University. One of his proudest moments was telling his mom that he had earned a full ride to college. After college, Bailey worked in the Department of Youth Services, then the Department of Mental Health for nine years, and then the Federal Bureau of Prisons for 21 years before retiring. But retirement didn't last long. Bailey knew he had more to give and wanted to use his energy and experience to make a difference in the world. One of his greatest rewards is seeing people get their lives back on track after incarceration. He loves to share the story of a JUMPSTART SC participant who, after being released during COVID, struggled to find a job and decided to start his own handyman service. Bailey recently saw him working hard on a job site and couldn't have been prouder. JUMPSTART SC is a program that helps prepare inmates for reentry by providing them with life skills, education, and mentoring. Bailey regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to help the men at Ridgeland participate in JUMPSTART SC and other programs designed to prepare them for their future after incarceration. Even when prison staff shortages make it challenging to get participants to class, Bailey doesn't let that stand in the way. He'll head to the dorms to assist his colleagues with security and ensure the men have the opportunity to participate in class, even though it's not in his job description. When asked why he goes above and beyond, Bailey responds, "95% of the incarcerated are going to be released, so I see it as my personal mission to ensure that we work toward safety for society and redemption for individuals." Bailey leads by example, treating everyone with respect, compassion, and professionalism. He’s a role model for the men by being humble, honest, and hardworking. Bailey is part of a larger movement of criminal justice professionals working hard to keep our communities safe while providing transformational opportunities to incarcerated individuals who want to turn their lives around. One of the most successful and innovative programs in this movement is JUMPSTART SC Prison Ministry, which operates in 19 prisons across South Carolina. JUMPSTART SC has a proven track record of reducing recidivism, increasing employment, and helping men and women build a brighter future. JUMPSTART SC offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to reentry, consisting of two phases: in-prison programming, and a residential reentry program. In the in-prison program, men and women learn how to address the issues that led to their incarceration, discover God's purpose for their lives, and prepare for re-entry. Volunteers from communicates across the state attend classes weekly to offer encouragement and guidance. Upon release, those who have completed JUMPSTART’s inside program are eligible for a holistic residential program that includes housing, transportation, employment, mentoring, and life skills classes. We asked Bailey what he would say to everyone who was incarcerated if he only had a minute to share. He was quick with his answer, “A setback is a setup for a great comeback if you will maximize your time and make the most of the opportunities in front of you.” After this we asked, what would you say to someone considering a career in the criminal justice field, he responded, “This is a career that keeps on giving. Over the past forty years, I’ve earned a good living. But more important than that, I’ve got to help people move past their mistakes and this is not only a win for them and their family, but for all of society. Aubray Bailey is an inspiration to many, both inside and outside the prison walls. He's a testament to the power of redemption and the belief that everyone is greater than the sum of their mistakes. He's a leader who leads with both his head and his heart, and he's a criminal justice professional with an unwavering passion for redemption. Learn More About JUMSPTART SC in this two-minute video:

  • Driving Change: The Story of Dan, the Difference-Maker

    Do you want to be known as a difference-maker? Be like Dan. Dan is someone everyone would love to have as a friend . Dan's title doesn't include "executive". His role doesn't command a large salary. He's never going to be on Forbes' cover. But you'd still like to have him on your team or as your friend. Dan is a difference-maker on JUMPSTART SC's staff team. Dan coordinates housing and transportation for those transitioning back into the community from incarceration. His tasks aren't rocket science. Fueling Up. Planning routes. Vehicle inspections. Preventative maintenance. Nothing glamorous or complicated. But vitally important. Dan is a difference-make on our team. He's more than a driver. While driving he's dishing out doses of encouragement. He's a friend to the weary worker who's had a challenging day. He's a comforter to the one heading to the doctor scared of the waiting test results. He's a coach to the ones having trouble sticking to their goals. He's a listening ear and when invited to share, he's full of wisdom. Yes, he's significantly more than a transportation coordinator. He's a difference-maker. He doesn’t see those he serves as ex-cons. He sees them for who they are becoming. He sees sons and daughters. He sees their dignity. He sees their worth. As an alum of JUMPSTART SC, he's living proof that those who've been incarcerated can have a future greater than their past in Christ, and be a difference-maker in the lives of others. Want to be a difference maker in the lives of the incarcerated and those coming out of incarceration? Consider our volunteer and giving opportunities.

  • Real Life. Real Transformation. Real Restoration

    As you watch the video, please prayerfully consider how you might get involved with serving or giving to support life transformation.

  • From Death To Life

    Through tears a mom can administer Narcan to her son when he overdoses... But she can't give him life. Anthony grew up in a good Christian family. He had family support. A solid foundation. Loving care. None of his family used drugs or participated in illicit activities. But beginning in junior high, he hung out with the wrong crowd. It started with smoking weed and drinking. That grew into opioids. Soon came heroin, meth, and fentanyl. For six years, he used every single day. He was 100% devoted to getting high. Drugs were his master. He ruined relationships with his family and friends. Stealing – doing whatever necessary to get high. Overdosed five times. The last time? His mom found his in the floor. She had to administer Narcan to keep him alive. Hopelessness. Despair. Tears. He was rescued from complete self-destruction when arrested. Jesus introduced Himself. He gave the gifts of freedom. Freedom From Addiction. From Shame. From Death. From Guilt. In JUMPSTART, while incarcerated, he encountered love, support, and accountability. He learned about God’s purpose for his life and how to live for Him. Now, Anthony is working instead of stealing. Building instead of destroying. Giving instead of taking. He's a faithful member at Hope Point Church. Back involved in the lives of his family. He and his mom are close. She's never been more proud. Anthony's greatest hope for his future? To be an example to his family and others of Christ's power. To get married and have a family. To teach his kids to love the Lord. To help others know Christ alone is the One who conquers death with life.

  • A Few Lessons I’ve Learned Along the Way

    We all have stories, some messier and more intriguing than others. Over the past ten years, my wild roller-coaster from being a prisoner to a husband, father, and CEO, all while earning a doctorate has been a worthwhile, and quite often, wild adventure. I’ve had a lot to learn, and still feel like I’m in first grade in the school of life. Here are a few of the lessons I’m thinking about today that I’ve learned along the way. I share in hopes that the lessons will be helpful to someone – maybe even to you. 1. Breaking Chains: Overcoming the Disease to Please Some find themselves in literal prison cells, ensnared in compromising situations, or overcommitted and exhausted, all because they couldn't break free from the insidious need to please. Saying 'no' isn't just about setting boundaries; it's about unlocking true freedom. By learning to say no without guilt, you not only protect your health but also have more time to focus on what matters most to you and those you love. Annihilating the disease to please ensures your choices are genuinely yours and not dictated by the whims of others. Often in one’s quest for recognition and acceptance, we will say yes to people and commitments that don’t advance us in the mission God has for us. Being overcommitted drains our energy and keeps us from focusing on what matters most. I’m often asked to meet with people or travel to speak, and it’s been hard learning which opportunities to accept and which to decline. I don’t always get it right, I’m sure. Maybe I have missed out on a million-dollar opportunity…too bad. I’m more concerned with not missing out on loving my wife well and being home as often as possible while my children are growing up. So I consider opportunities carefully, make a decision in light of what matters most, and move on. Remember, every 'yes' you give out is an investment of your limited, finite life. Prioritize what truly matters. By wisely choosing where and with whom you spend your time, you protect your most valuable asset and ensure you have the energy to consistently move toward your purpose. Guard your time, align it with God’s intentions for you, and ensure every moment propels you forward. 2. Ditch the Candy, Hold Out for the Steak Maybe I should’ve played golf in my free time and built more professional relationships rather than spending time earning a doctorate. Maybe not. Only time will tell if earning a doctorate while working full-time was the right thing to do in my particular situation. My guess is that it has given me some additional credibility post-incarceration. It has opened doors of opportunity for me. I don’t know what you could achieve that would further develop your competency in the specific mission you’re assigned, but I do know you will likely have to sacrifice to flourish. People and organizations that are world-class don’t just fall into that category. They have to reject passivity and laziness daily and do hard things to achieve great outcomes. If you want to soar with the eagles, you'll often have to pass up on the chicken feed. Greatness demands you look beyond today's craving. 3. Nuke Self-Destructive Demons Let's cut to the chase: we're all flawed. Do you have secrets or struggle with destructive thoughts or behaviors? Sure you do. Everyone does. Don’t allow knowing the worst about yourself to cause you to treat yourself poorly or settle for less than God’s best in your life. Negative self-talk and/or destructive behaviors are often the greatest battles anyone ever fights. There are cheat codes for these inner demons. Christ has the cure for this internal disease called sin. Learn to apply it daily – or more like every minute. And even in the midst of the battle, remember there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. So, if you are living in fear, shame, and/or self-condemnation – you need to come to grips with whether you believe Jesus is sufficient or not. You need to believe Him even in the midst of the battle. If you don’t know Him and would like to meet Him, I’d be happy to make the introduction. Got a battle you can’t seem to win? Go see a professional. They’ve heard it all before – and probably worse – and if they are any good – they will be able to help you or connect you with someone who is better suited for your particular strain of iniquity. If you could have fixed what your struggle is by yourself, you would have done so already – so humble yourself and get help – the world needs what the best version of you has to offer. 4. Choose Your Tribe with Wisdom – Or Pay the Price Biblical wisdom teaches and social science research confirms that "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." This isn't just poetic; it's practical. Surrounding yourself with individuals who challenge and inspire is life-changing. On the flip side, the wrong company will keep you from achieving your potential and often lead you into difficulties. Every friend leaves a mark; it's up to you whether it's a polish or a scar. As a craftsman is only as good as his tools, you're only as sharp, focused, and resilient as the company you keep. In prison, most laughed, and rather loudly, when I dreamed out loud that I might go to college after prison. Only had a GED at the time. I almost didn’t even take a first step because of their toxic negativity. At university, while some probably well-intentioned but probably also holier-than-thou types avoided me after learning my story, others actively encouraged me to continue fighting the good fight. This encouragement was fuel in my tank. Choose your influencers wisely. Your life is at stake. 5. Deciphering Truth in a World of Noise Everyone has an opinion, and they are often wrong. So are you. Be humble and willing to pivot. Ever heard the saying, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing"? Throughout history, we're reminded that not all advice, even when well-intentioned, is golden. While everyone has an opinion, it's essential to sift through the noise and discern what’s merely someone’s opinion and what’s wisdom in a particular situation. What worked for someone else may not work for you – or it may be exactly what you need. Be willing to listen – but free from the pressure to conform to whatever they believe is best. History is replete with examples of people who had to defy conventional wisdom and the opinions of others to make discoveries and world-changing inventions. If I had to give a dollar for every well-intentioned but bad piece of advice I’ve heard, I’d be destitute, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. We exist in a world of ideas and choices we make from those ideas. To have a life of peace, joy, and contentment, the true treasures in my experience, we all must learn to decipher between what is true and what is not. Remember, sailing through life's waters using a faulty compass can lead you off course and even shipwreck your journey. Stay open to wisdom, especially from God’s Word, friends, mentors, and family members who have your best interest at heart but be alert and wise. Knowing when to adjust your sails can be the difference between smooth sailing and being lost at sea. Dr. Cary Sanders CEO JUMPSTART SC

  • Faith, Love, and Legacy: The Harrison Story

    Nancy Harrison made a generous gift to JUMPSTART SC in honor of her late husband, Lewis Harrison’s legacy. We asked her to share some some of their story so we could celebrate their gift and legacy. In this heartfelt piece, she shares her personal journey of faith and the profound impact that her husband had on her life and the lives of many others. Through her words, we see a glimpse of a couple who lived a life of service, hard work, and devotion to their Lord. We share in hopes that it will inspire you to live and love in a way that reflects the beauty of God. In Nancy's words: Who is With You In Life's Storms? Do you have a Big God, a Little God or maybe No God at all?  I am increasingly disturbed by the tremendous number of our Young People who think that they do not need a Sovereign, All-Wise God in their lives.  They believe that they have the ability within themselves to handle all the difficulties, health issues, and relationship problems that come their way as we live our lives each and every day.  Not only problems, but even facing our own death which is certain—what do we do about Heaven and Hell if we don’t have a God?  Well, I have a Big God and I need him in my life every minute, every hour of every day! Nancy's Background I was born to a Mother and Father who were not Christians, and it was a home of turmoil and constant quarreling and most of the time, the quarrels were ended this way----my father would ask my mother if she wanted to get a divorce and put the children in an orphanage?  I was petrified of an orphanage so I went to bed many nights crying and praying to God that He would not let this happen to me and my two brothers.Because I have a Great God, he impressed upon my Mother the need to send me to Sunday School and Church so my Mother would drive me to Church and let me out for Sunday School. My Great God blessed me with a wonderful Sunday School teacher who always told me every Sunday that God loved me so much that he gave his only Son to die on a cross so that my sins could be forgiven, and I could go to Heaven and spend eternity with Jesus when I died. No one had ever told me that they loved me before, so this was just the Good News that I needed in my life.  I knew that I needed this Great and loving God in my life, and it was easy to tell him that I wanted to be his child for the rest of my life! My Great God took me to Furman University where I majored in Business and became a certified teacher of Business Courses.  However, I did have a couple of Religion Professors who wanted me to question my religion and my faith in God.  It meant that I spent a lot of time praying and talking with God, but I was more assured than ever that my faith in God was real and was on a solid foundation.  Otherwise, I loved Furman and had a marvelous college experience there! But my Great God had another wonderful surprise for me.  He did put me in an orphanage after all, but not as an orphan but as a teacher.  God had prepared my heart to love orphans and children who had become separated from their parents through no fault of their own.  I had to become their parent, teacher, and friend.  It was a tremendous blessing in my life, but even more important was a wedding that took place at the orphanage. The Love Story Begins You see, there was a man who had been invited to the wedding and that man was the one God had chosen to be my husband.  Fortunately, he had been born to Christian parents.  Having been raised in a wonderful, loving, Christian home, he knew how to be a Godly husband and how to have a Christian home. On our wedding night, we read our Bible and got down on our knees and told God that we wanted to have a Christian home and we asked him to give us wisdom and help us to be faithful in doing that.  We both felt strongly that when the desire of our hearts was to make God’s priorities our priorities, then He gives us happiness beyond our expectations!  Our Great God is a faithful God.  He blessed us with two beautiful girls and He gave us the Christian Home which was the fulfillment of our dreams! Lewis Harrison's Story There are so many wonderful things that I could write about my husband, but receiving praise and accolades from the world was not important to him—in fact, he would call them “rubbish”. Both of us are just regular people like everyone else. We just happen to believe in a Great God and that this Great God gave us talents and abilities to use for His Glory and He expects us to be good stewards of everything He has given to us.  One day we will stand before Him and give an account of what we have done for Him. Lewis learned very early in life the value of hard work.  His family has heard him tell of plowing a mule by the time he was 6 years old.  Then in High School, he and his father owned a small herd of dairy cattle, and it was his job to get up every morning at 3 AM to milk the cows.  But this didn’t keep him from participating in all the other activities at school. He was a very active member of the FFA and was the first member of his chapter to win the highest National Award, “The American Farmer Degree” in 1952.  All that he learned while working with cattle also sent him to Kansas City for 3 trips to the National FFA Convention and one trip to the National Dairy Congress in Waterloo, Iowa.  Also, it was preparing him for a lifetime of service and work in the Dairy Industry. He has one beloved sister, Mary Jo Christopher, and her husband, Wendell Christopher, has not only been a wonderful Brother-in-Law, but also a very valued partner throughout his lifetime. The two of them co-founded Walnut Grove Auction Sales and Event Rentals, Inc.  Lewis was the president of Walnut Grove Auction Sales which primarily worked with the Dairy industry.  Sales rings, tents and related equipment was packed into an 18-wheeler and a Sales crew traveled to Dairies all over the South where this equipment was set up and hundreds of people would come from all over the South to purchase just a few head or perhaps a trailer load of cattle. Lewis loved everyone and he could talk with anybody and instantly make a friend.  He discovered that Farmers are truly the “Salt of the earth”, and he made lifetime bonds with many wonderful people that he met in the Dairy Business!God was always so good to him and gave him a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness as he served on many dairy related Boards and committees.  In 1961 he received the “Outstanding Young Farmer of South Carolina” award.  In 1991 he was inducted into the “South Carolina Dairy Association Hall of Fame”.  In 2019, he was selected to receive the “Friends of the Dairy Industry” award by the Georgia Milk Producers for his lifetime of commitment and service to the Dairy Industry. Even though the Dairy Industry consumed and lot of time and energy, his Love for His Lord surpassed all other loves.  He was a very active member of Mt. Calvary Presbyterian Church for all the years that he was able to attend serving as an active Elder for many years. He loved reading his Bible and there are many scriptures he would share, but I choose Second Corinthians 5:6-9: We are always confident, knowing that while we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord. For we live by faith, not by sight.  We are confident, I say, and would prefer to be away from the body and at home with the Lord!  So, we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it! My precious husband is with Jesus now—he passed away on January 8, 2023, after 59 years of married bliss and happiness together.  I am so glad that I can still say the I have a Great God and my God is now my husband, my best friend, my strength, my wisdom, and my joy every day of my life!  I love Him and praise him because He made something beautiful of our lives! One other of Lewis’ admonishments to us was reminding us that we brought nothing into this world, and we will take nothing with us when we leave. Only what is done for God will last! Written by: Nancy Harrison, March 7, 2024

  • Breaking Cycles By Providing Tangible Hope

    Upon their release on March 1, 2024 these two men would have been left at this bus station in Florence without anywhere to go and only the clothes on their back... Take a deep breath and think about that. No job. No food. No money. No transportation. Now you may be thinking – don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time… Yes, people need to experience justice when they’ve committed crimes. (You can learn more about justice and mercy working together in this blog post.) I agree. But they also need to experience mercy if they are going to get their lives back on track. This picture displays the heart of those who partner with us. We show up on the scene. Not to be the heroes who rescue. Not with a handout But with a hand up. With opportunity With encouragement With accountability With a plan and support so they can navigate out of desperate situations. We’ve picked up a lot of people at the bus station who would’ve been homeless after incarceration. Now they are reunited with family, employed, active in good works, and homeowners. After nine years in this line of work, I’ve realized that those served are able to move towards a life they never dreamed possible. And those doing the serving and giving experience joy and fulfillment in a way they never have before. We aren't just meeting needs, we are solving a problem. Join us. Learn more and consider giving to support these kind of transformational opportunities. Cary Sanders CEO, UMPSTART SC

  • JUMPSTART SC has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the Truist Charitable Fund.

    Proposed Opportunity Center: JUMPSTART SC has been awarded a $300,000 grant from the Truist Charitable Fund. This launches a three-year partnership, supporting the Opportunity Center at Restoration Village, a transitional housing community in Wellford, South Carolina. Greenville, SC, (Feb. 15, 2024) – JUMPSTART SC today announced it received a grant from the Truist Community Catalyst Initiative—a three-year program supporting local initiatives with statewide impact funded by the Truist Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund administered by The Winston-Salem Foundation. This grant will support a comprehensive resource hub for formerly incarcerated individuals, providing them with essential tools and support to reintegrate into the workforce and society. The partnership aims to equip participants with essential life skills, financial literacy, and workforce development training. It will facilitate ongoing support and assistance, fostering supportive relationships for transformation. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire transferable culinary skills at an onsite culinary arts facility. Moreover, participants are provided with stable, safe, and affordable living conditions throughout their two years in the program. Employment opportunities will be available through JUMPSTART's employer network. Additionally, 200 individuals will receive guidance in securing reliable transportation. Lastly, a significant aim of the partnership is that 50 individuals graduating from JUMPSTART will become homeowners during this three-year period. Cary Sanders, Chief Executive Officer of JUMPSTART SC states that, “As partners like Truist and others come along side us, we are able to provide men and women with transformational opportunities to get their lives back on track. When men and women experience restoration, cycles of crime and addiction are broken, and our entire community wins.” “Truist is proud to support JUMPSTART SC’s important work,” said Alex Brame, Truist regional president of South Carolina. “Our purpose is to inspire and build better lives and communities, and supporting organizations such as JUMPSTART SC helps us make a positive impact where we work and live.” About JUMPSTART SC In cooperation with donors, churches, and the community, JUMPSTART disciples current and former prisoners and assists with re-entry into society. We accomplish our mission through a holistic residential program and community partnerships to address the spiritual, educational, employment, healthcare, housing, and family relationship needs. About the Truist Charitable Fund The Truist Charitable Fund ("TCF") is committed to Truist Financial Corporation's (NYSE: TFC) purpose to inspire and build better lives. TCF was established as a donor-advised fund and is administered by The Winston-Salem Foundation. TCF invests in local community organizations, focusing on grants that support initiatives and programs in the areas of educational equity, leadership development, career pathways, small business, and community services. To learn more about Truist's purpose, visit

  • Programs Don't Spark Change. People Do.

    Programs don’t spark change. People do. There’s a famous program that talks a lot about their efforts in reducing recidivism. We are not going to call them out by name, because that’s not what we’re about. But … trust us. You’ve heard of them. They do not have as much good will as they claim. In reality, all they do is toss former inmates in an 8-week program. A program that’s funded nicely by government grants. They get inexpensive labor and call it job training. There are no relationships. There are no real connections. There is no pathway towards real opportunity. And, as a result, the program this company runs isn’t very effective. That’s what sets JUMPSTART SC apart. We are committed to investing in people. We are committed to linking arms for the long haul. We are committed to relationships. Instead of handing someone a bus ticket and helping them write a resume … We go to hiring managers directly and fight for our program participants. Instead of helping them find rental ads online … We are building a community for them to live in. Instead of 8-week courses on how to avoid going back to jail … We invest years in our participants, giving them the tools and guiding them in their faith, helping them transform from the inside, out. JUMPSTART isn’t about a program. It’s about people who can have a bright future when others invest. Which is why South Carolina has the lowest recidivism rate in the nation. JUMPSTART SC is in 19 of South Carolina’s 21 prisons. And we’re just getting started. Join us. Get Involved Today

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