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Your support for JUMPSTART allows us to accomplish our primary mission of discipling current and former prisoners, and assist them with re-entry to society while proactively addressing their spiritual, educational, employment, healthcare, housing, and family relationship needs. Our programs are possible because of you, and for that, we are thankful.

I wanted you to know about a unique matching opportunity that could change the trajectory of the Restoration Village development currently underway. Two matching gift pledges of $150,000 each have been presented to us. The first one provides us with a $150,000 match if we are able to get donations of $150,000 by November 10th. A second opportunity provides another $150,000 if we raise that same amount by December 3rd.

This is a tremendous financial opportunity for JUMPSTART where all funds collected will be used toward the development of Restoration Village as we answer the growing demand for transitional housing in our ministry program. This Vision for Tomorrow is happening today where Restoration Village is quickly progressing through the second stage of development and moving us closer to making this a reality for our program participants.

Because of this matching opportunity, we can impact more lives like Nick Hembree, who thought his lifeNick Hembree
was all together until it unraveled from a drug trafficking conviction that landed him in prison. Before he even knew about JUMPSTART, Nick struggled to change his lifestyle in prison. Nothing seemed to help and when he was released, he returned to the same life on the outside that led to more trouble and a second
prison sentence.

The second time around, things changed when Nick cried out to God to deliver him from his drug addiction and to release the chains that had bound him for so long. God heard Nick and introduced him to the JUMPSTART inside program where he learned accountability, responsibility, how to live God’s way, and how to become a productive citizen.

Today, Nick considers himself a new creation because of how God changed his life through the JUMPSTART program. Nick knows full well he doesn’t have to run back to the old things he once knew. His JUMPSTART family helped him every step of the way by giving him the tools he needed and the opportunity to build a firm foundation for himself and his son.

The matching opportunity we have will allow us to make a difference in more lives – just as Nick experienced with JUMPSTART. Below, you will see several commemorative pledge and financial giving opportunities for your consideration. Every donation you make to JUMPSTART is an investment in the lives of JUMPSTART participants, their families, and our communities for generations to come. Donations made before November 10th will be matched, so you can double your impact, and help twice as much.

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  • Pray that God will lead you to the giving opportunity that is right for you and your family
  • Consider a commemorative gift and/or financial donation that will propel the progress of Restoration Village and maximize our matching pledge
  • Complete and submit the online Matching Opportunity form before November 10th

We are grateful for your loyal support and appreciate your willingness to help us continue moving Restoration Village forward through this unprecedented matching opportunity. Being able to provide a ministry that transforms the lives of prisoners like Nick from the inside out is a blessing and is only possible through your generous financial gifts.

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For more information on Commemorative (Naming) options in Honor or Tribute of someone, please call (888) 403-3815 x6 or send an email to