The Back Story

A small group of volunteers, with the support of the Tyger River Correctional Institution’s chaplain, began ministering to the inmates at Tyger River. This group consisted mostly of retired men and women who went into the prison during the normal work-day. Two of our founding members worked night-time vocational jobs (one in janitorial office work and the other in pizza delivery) to support themselves and their families so they could answer God’s calling on their lives– Prison Ministry. These men along with their wives met together to talk through their “calling”, and possible solutions for overcoming the challenges of launching and sustaining an effective ministry for the incarcerated and returning citizens. They discussed how the three of them might partner in the mission of “setting the captives free,” and the vision of JUMPSTART was born.


Today, more than 150 volunteers each week serve the needs of those in 17 prisons located throughout South Carolina. Our leadership team and staff work tirelessly to bring hope to those in prison who have often given up. The responses we see every week inspire us to do more. And that’s exactly what we are doing. The JUMPSTART story continues to deepen and the lives we are reaching are being transformed by God’s grace.

Vision for Tomorrow

“The Vision for Tomorrow” campaign illustrates where we see tremendous opportunities for JUMPSTART.  This special focus will fund the necessary infrastructure and staff for JUMPSTART’s long term organizational growth and sustainability. It will enable JUMPSTART to continue to deliver and improve the nation’s best “prison to re-entry into society” program for generations to come.

In our Restoration Village Upstate (a JUMPSTART community), we are planning a community unlike any other.  The village will provide transitional housing for those re-entering society from prison in a community setting that prepares them to be productive citizens.  Included will be short and long-term housing along with support staff buildings and village facilities.

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Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Scharff
Dr. Michael ScharffBoard Chairman
Tommy Holt
Tommy HoltBoard Vice Chairman/Secretary